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Montreal Skylights

Montreal Skylights

Welcome to West Side custom skylights. West Side Montreal skylights can offer custom built commercial skylights and residential skylights for all of Canada. Since all of the skylights are custom built, you can be guaranteed the highest quality. West Side Montreal skylight are capable of providing skylights for any size project. We work closely with clients and manufacturers in developing custom skylights that will be sure to impress. The custom skylights are available in many different design styles as well as finishings. Since all of the skylights are custom fabricated you are guaranteed to have a one of a kind addition. The commercial and residential skylights are energy efficient and can save on your energy costs while brightening your environment with natural light all the while adding to the aesthetics of the building.

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Acrylic Pyramid Skylights

Vented Skylights

Flat Glass Skylights

Pyramid Skylights

Custom Residential Skylights

Custom Commercial Skylights

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